InterestPrint Skulls And Bones Light Up Womens Shoes Flashing Sneakers Skulls and Bones tdo2DC4H7q

InterestPrint Skulls And Bones Light Up Womens Shoes Flashing Sneakers Skulls and Bones tdo2DC4H7q
  • Material: canvas upper and heelpiece, rubber out-sole
  • Switch Instruction: Press hidden switch button to switch on. Each press to the button with each different light mode.Press the button for 12 times to turn the light off, or keep pressing for 3 seconds to turn off the power
  • Charge Instruction: Charge like your cell phone with Micro USB charging cable. (USB charging cable is not included in package).Charging for 2 hours can provide 5 hours of lighting time
  • Light Model: Each light up shoe has 7 static colors and 5 color changing modes.(Static colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Sky Blue, Purple, White)
InterestPrint Skulls And Bones Light Up Womens Shoes Flashing Sneakers Skulls and Bones tdo2DC4H7q InterestPrint Skulls And Bones Light Up Womens Shoes Flashing Sneakers Skulls and Bones tdo2DC4H7q InterestPrint Skulls And Bones Light Up Womens Shoes Flashing Sneakers Skulls and Bones tdo2DC4H7q InterestPrint Skulls And Bones Light Up Womens Shoes Flashing Sneakers Skulls and Bones tdo2DC4H7q InterestPrint Skulls And Bones Light Up Womens Shoes Flashing Sneakers Skulls and Bones tdo2DC4H7q

On the business, strategy, and impact of technology.

Yep! This is exactly one of the reasons why we wanted to get rid of confirmation signatures.

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Yeah you are right, the 7 day cutoff system should work.

When a user begins an exit, I think they should not only provide transaction t, but merkle proofs for each of the inputs. Merkle proofs can be provided since you can assume the inputs are not under block withholding constraints. They are necessary to prove the correctness of a transaction.

For example, without proving inclusion of the inputs, I could create a transaction with input addresses B referencing inputs at block n, even though the actual inputs of block n belong to address A. In a similar fashion, I could also create a transaction giving me 100 ether even though the inputs in reality were worth only 10 eth. Instead of challenging with the correct input information, it is easier to verify the inclusion of the inputs that are being referenced.

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When a user begins an exit, I think they should not only provide transaction t, but merkle proofs for each of the inputs.

My current implementation has the user submit all signatures for t upfront. Any other user can then reveal a transaction that created an input to t such that the revealed signature is invalid. It’s a little less gas than revealing the input transactions up front.

I think it’s also possible to have the user submit a sum merkle tree along with t so we can easily prove that the value of all the inputs is valid, need to double check.

But yep, we need to prove that t is valid - suggestions for other ways to do this are more than welcome


even if they’re included in withheld blocks after “out of nowhere” transactions, will be correctly processed as long as they only stem from valid inputs.

as they only stem from valid inputs.

I think you need to refine your construction. It is not safe or live as it is written.

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Can you explain what you mean? We define “valid” transactions as coming from available/valid blocks (maybe this definition is what makes it confusing). Then we know that the transaction either definitely spends valid inputs (only spends inputs created before invalid tx/data withholding), or possibly spends invalid inputs (data is withheld).

Maybe we should refine the definition to “available/valid” and “possibly invalid”:

Our scheme guarantees that any transaction stemming only from available/valid inputs will be processed before any transaction stemming from any possibly invalid inputs.

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Many people try to argue against Wikipedia by pointing out that many academic institutions ban their students from citing Wikipedia as a source when writing papers. These people forget that using encyclopedias in general as a research source has always been discouraged by academics. Encyclopedias are often out of date from the day they are published and because they provide general summaries on complex and (at times) controversial topics, they often provide inaccurate or incomplete information. The main difference between Britannica and Wikipedia is that correcting a mistake in a Wikipedia article can be instant, as long as you can follow Wikipedia’s stringent guidelines for adding and editing content. Many experts and academics become avid Wikipedia contributors for the sheer joy of being able to share the vast knowledge they have acquired throughout their careers. In a world where knowledge is readily available and shared, our resources are better spent improving the quality of the freely available information, not clinging to expensive environmentally unfriendly forms of communication.

I have no problem with your owning of the book, and respect the right to the personal library. I also envy those who have the notes in their books--mine always ended up looking like a bunch of garbage, try as i would to mark them. To this day I always have "annotation envy." I also don't feel that your love of the book is in the same league as some of these people who are crying over the Britannica. Yours seems a lot more genuine. Not to be rude, and I am just asking out of curiosity, but which texts aren't easily available on the web. My interests are literary so Project Gutenberg has the standard canon (even if in poor translations), and the GA library system is state-wide and I can always seem to find most texts somewhere. If I can't find one, I buy for cheap off Amazon and then donate. I just prefer having less and feel that my life richer when I am lighter. I think that I was also just a little vexed at what I perceived to be snobbery over the Britannica at the expense of wikipedia. I remember my initial shock when I learned that they were no longer publishing the Great Books of the Western World, until I realized that 1) the ideas, authors, and literature transcend any book set, 2) that the format was almost unreadable and I know of very few educated people who could get through the entire set in their form, 3) I can still read the same authors (and listen to them) without any one set. The same might be said for the knowledge in Britannica.

As I read all of the wistful pining for the Britannica, and the critiques of wikipedia, I think back to what my high school teachers and college professors would tell us back in the mid 1980s and early 1990s. For writing papers, don't use encyclopedias. Another point--although eloquently written, and beautiful on a shelf did (or could) the Britannica really go that in-depth? Essentially 90% or most was simply facts, which are not much different than the wikip. Divergent points of view, extensive peer reviewed journals on arcane topics, the mathematical proof etc. never made the cut, and with the the hypertext format of wikip, these benchmarks of academic rigor are now more possible. At one time I shared this attachment to owning the printed book (I'd gush at Penguin classics, and owned a set of the EB's sibling the Great Books of the Western World), and had at least 2000 books in my personal library. But two years ago I donated 99.9% of them to a new library in Ghana. Now I own about 20 books, use the library, but somehow still manage to read over 100 books a year ( currently reading William Gaddis). I read online or borrow books from the GA state library system. My laptop is a better library than most university libraries just 20 years ago. Let the clutter go and save a tree. Final thought: was it really the books themselves that we all loved, or the fact that we could display them to others and feel smarter because they crowded our shelves?


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By Marcus Blankenship

Ever had a bad boss?

Maybe you didn’t trust him, or she didn’t like you? Perhaps you spent more time trying to keep your job than doing your job. Maybe you also felt that other people were treated better than you, or your boss didn’t give you a fair chance to succeed.

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve experienced“low-qualityLMX.” Leader-Member Exchange Theory (LMX Theory) researchers are interested in the link between the quality of relationship people have with their boss and various outcomes. Outcomes such as…

The list of what they’ve measured goes on and on.

“High-quality LMX” is how researchers describe positive, healthy relationships between managers and employees. These relationships exhibit feelings of trust, feelings that you both are on the same side, a belief that the boss cares about the employee and wants the best for them.

You can probably guess the effects of high-quality LMX on team members. Studies show that individual performance is higher, turnover rates (and intention) is lower, commitment to the company and the work is higher, politics are lower, etc. Many goodthings flow out of your vital relationship with each team member.

First, see your role differently. Your job is less about telling people what to do, or even “just getting out of the way,” and more about building those key relationships.

Second, recognize that you have two sub-groups within your team. LMX Theory calls this your “in-group” and “out-group.” Your in-group are the ones closest to you, who enjoy a better relationship with you and the benefits that flow from that. These are people who you probably have high-quality LMX with.

Your out-group is everyone who’s not in your in-group. These are the folks who are most at risk to leave, who are more likely to have poor performance and be dissatisfied with their pay. People didn’t choose which group to join, and you didn’t put them there intentionally, but those groups do exist on your team.

You may not have seen these two groups before, so It’s worth taking a few minutes and evaluating which group each team member is in.

Third, consider how you can invite your out-group to come closer to you. Think about how you can give more feedback to them, use your 1:1 meetings to build trust, and learn to listen more and talk less. When you make these invitations to have a better relationship, it shows your team you care and that you’re on their side.

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Where other technical coaches focus on process or tools, I focus on the human aspects of your Programmer to Manager transition. I help you hire the right people, create the right culture, and setup the right process which achieves your goals. Managing your team isn't something you learned in college. In fact, my clients often tell me "I never prepared for this role, I always focused on doing the work". If you're ready to improve your leadership, process and team, find out how I can help you .

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Animating with code may seem intimidating at first, but don't worry, we will show you how simple it can be.

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Learn the basics of GSAP quickly. Includes plenty of videos and demos that will get you animating the web in no time.


Learn the basics of GSAP JS fast. The Jump Start will walk you through a number of interactive slides that will show you exactly how GSAP JS works. Animating with JavaScript just got a whole lot easier.


With over 5 hours of HD video and a companion eBook with step-by-step instructions, this training will introduce you to the best of GSAP.


This video walks you through some common problems that professional animators face every day and shows you how GSAP’s TimelineLite tackles these challenges with ease.


The secret to building gorgeous sequences with precise timing is understanding the super-flexible "position" parameter which controls the placement of your tweens, labels, callbacks, pauses, and even nested timelines.


Learn the core of GSAP in 60 minutes. Petr Tichy from has created a fantastic video series that is perfect for beginners.


Make multiple SVG elements draggable, implement hit-testing, and animate them in a few lines of code!


Learn how to animate anything along an SVG path.


Club GreenSock bonus plugins can be used FREE on CodePen.


Have you ever wished you could run a little custom-logic to determine the values that would be used for each target in a tween? Welcome, function-based values!


Cycle allows you to easily stagger the animations of multiple object with an unlimited amount of variance in the values you are tweening to or from.


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